Welcome to the world of PARANET air domes



An alternative solution for new sports halls, winter tennis courts or additional storage space....

Businesses and local authorities are often faced with many spatial challenges. Air domes offer a solution to this: the "PARANET Air Dome" represents a universally applicable dome with short assembly times and flexible usage.

Depending on requirements, heating, air conditioning, various lighting concepts and truck or forklift airlocks can be integrated. Containers for sanitary equipment and other purposes can also be docked.



The unique structure of the air domes allows them to be used in versatile ways: The distinctive external cover of the air dome is composed of a three-layer film made from specially treated polyvinyl chloride, characterised by its light transmission and weather resistance. A special network of wire cables provides the frame for the subsequent dome shape. The supporting blower is the most important part of the construction as it blows up the air dome within 30 minutes and ensures the air dome maintains its shape by applying constant pressure.

Assembly can take place without the need for concrete foundations since the special floor anchoring allows the air dome to be set up even on uneven surfaces.


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