Welcome to the world of PARANET air domes



It can sometimes be difficult to find accommodation for refugees and people in need, particularly during winter months. PARANET air domes offer a quick and convenient alternative.

With a surface area of 72 x 36m the “PARANET Care Dome®" provides space for 100 to 500 people. The interior can be utilised freely. This allows social areas and sanitary containers to be integrated.

The lightweight dome structure allows for short assembly times and flexible locations for use, e.g. in car parks or fields. All dome components are stored in containers, allowing quick and efficient transportation of the dome.

The distinctive external cover of the air dome is composed of a three-layer film made from specially treated polyvinyl chloride, characterised by its light transmission and weather resistance.



A special network of wire cables provides the frame for the subsequent dome shape. The supporting blower is the most important part of the construction as it ensures the air dome maintains its shape by applying constant pressure. The support blower also ensures heating and aeration inside the dome.


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